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Project Description
This SharePoint Web Part allows you to create a popup div that might include links to hide it from display in future. The preferences are stored using jQuery, a custom web service, and a list template.

This is a pretty simple SharePoint 2007 project that can be used to display a popup div at any location on a web part page. It is made up of six parts:
  1. An HTML and CSS file to define the contents and design of your popup div
  2. A couple of JavaScript files to define the behaviour of the div
  3. A web part that renders out the required code to reference the CSS and JavaScript files, and also render out the contents of the HTML file (contained in a Site Collection feature)
  4. A list template that provides a basic template to store user preferences associated to the popup div (also contained in a Site Collection feature) - e.g. if the user doesn't want to see the popup again, that preference can be stored in this list
  5. The jQuery 1.6.1 library (bless it's cotton socks)
  6. A web service that enables updating of the user preference via SOAP calls made easy with jQuery (deployed to the /_layouts/ folder)

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